The first Quantum Innovation Lab brought together 48 experts from across academia and industry for a three day collaborative event in March 2017.

The three industrial partners were:


Attendees were separated into six working groups, exploring the subjects of security, quantum algorithms, scalable quantum architectures, applications for a small quantum computer, gravitational sensing, and timing.

Participants worked in these groups for three days to explore the problems faced by the industrial partners. Attendees also took part in a variety of other activities, such as inter-group exercises so that the working groups could share their ideas with others.


On the final day, all working groups gave presentations to a number of invited guests from both academia and industry. Here they explained what they had learned during their exploration of these problems. Each group highlighted several short-term projects based on this exploration which could be made available to interested PhD students, with the prospect of long-term collaboration between industry and academia.

Of the projects developed at the event, one with Hitachi Cambridge is already being undertaken as a three-month project by a student currently part of the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training.