Outcomes from previous events

To date, QIL has hosted 9 working groups. These have resulted in short and long term research projects and business ideas. Summer projects have been carried out by students at the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Bristol, with scope to turn these into full PhD scale research projects. 

One of the projects resulting from QIL17, developed with Hitachi Cambridge, was undertaken as a three-month project by David Ibberson, a student at the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training. The results of this project are currently under review for publication (preprint here). Following this, the student has continued work in this area as their PhD project, extending the collaboration with Hitachi to three years.



Airbus, Leonardo and BT discussed problems related to atomic clocks, quantum secure communication and quantum algorithms. Click here to read more about the event. 



Hitachi, MSquared and Deutsche Bank attended the first Quantum Innovation Lab to consider scalable architectures, gravitational sensing and applications of small quantum computers. Read more about QIL17 here